After date Before date
Company Country
Value minimum Value maximum
DateSectorBuyerBuyer CountrySellerSeller CountryMillionsComments
17.10.2019Dairy-freeDanone (private equity)France Forager ProjectUnited States
17.10.2019Dairy-freeUpfieldNetherlands AriviaGreece
16.10.2019DairyFutura FoodUnited KingdomGRH Food CompanyUnited Kingdom
Out of administration
15.10.2019CoffeeZenettiItaly Café PacaembuBrazil
15.10.2019Dairy-freeNurture BrandsUnited KingdomRebel KitchenUnited Kingdom
15.10.2019SnacksKind Healthy SnacksUnited States Creative SnacksUnited States
14.10.2019Bottled waterPentland (private equity), othersUnited KingdomUglyUnited Kingdom
Funding round
14.10.2019Food deliveryUberUnited States CornershopChile
14.10.2019IngredientsCaldicNetherlands Arlès AgroalimentairesFrance
13.10.2019MeatCrowdfundingUnited KingdomSnaffling PigUnited Kingdom
£ 1.3
Fund raising
11.10.2019CoffeeUnnamed (private equity)United States Minor FiguresUnited Kingdom
£ 7.5
20% stake
11.10.2019Meat-freeS2G (private equity), othersVariousFuture Meat TechnologiesIsrael
$ 14
Series A funding, cell-based
11.10.2019Soft drinksClearly DrinksUnited KingdomRevolution WavesUnited Kingdom
10.10.2019BakeryValeoIreland 2 SistersUnited Kingdom
£ 67
Bakery Foods
10.10.2019Soft drinksLevy Family (private equity), othersUnited States Owen's Craft MixersUnited States
$ 3
Series A funding
10.10.2019Soft drinksTraverse City Whiskey United States Cocktail CrateUnited States
09.10.2019FoodBrynwood (private equity)United States Hain CelestialUnited States
$ 15
Arrowhead Mills, SunSpire brands
09.10.2019IngredientsMeadow FoodsUnited KingdomNimbus FoodsUnited Kingdom
09.10.2019RecyclingBASFGermany QuantafuelDenmark
€ 20
09.10.2019SnacksVMG (private equity)United States PopchipsUnited States
$ 54 sales
09.10.2019SpiritsCampariItaly Licoreras Ancho Reyes, Casa MontelobosMexico
$ 35.7
51% stake
08.10.2019IngredientsACHUnited States Anthony's GoodsUnited States
08.10.2019IngredientsSumitomo, Outlook (private equity)VariousSweeGenUnited States
Strategic investment
08.10.2019MeatDawn FarmsIreland HaasGermany
08.10.2019NutritionCanopy GrowthCanada BioSteel Sports NutritionCanada
72% stake
07.10.2019CoffeeGroup of investorsUnited States The Whole Coffee CompanyUnited States
$ 11
Series A funding
07.10.2019PackagingZeusIreland Smith BatesonUnited Kingdom
€ 12
Price includes Van Der Windt
07.10.2019PackagingZeusIreland Van Der WindtUnited Kingdom
07.10.2019WineLes Grands Chais de FranceFrance DesvignesFrance
€ 7 sales
04.10.2019BakeryBimboMexico Cerealto SiroSpain
Factory in Spain