After date Before date
Company Country
Value minimum Value maximum
DateSectorBuyerBuyer CountrySellerSeller CountryMillionsComments
16.01.2019DairyVerlinvest (private equity), othersVariousDrums Food International India
$ 25.6
Series C funding
16.01.2019NutritionMérieux (private equity)France NutragroupFrance
Majority stake
15.01.2019HydroponicVirgo (private equity), othersUnited States 80 Acres FarmsUnited States
Significant investment
15.01.2019WineGrover Zampa VineyardsIndia DiageoUnited Kingdom
Four Seasons Wines in India
14.01.2019CerealsOrklaNorway PepsiCoUnited States
Pama brand in Denmark
14.01.2019OilsDarégalFrance A I'OlivierFrance
14.01.2019PackagingRevolution (private equity), othersUnited States TemperPackUnited States
$ 22.5
Series B funding
14.01.2019ServicesSignia (private equity), othersUnited States Pensa SystemsUnited States
$ 5
Funding round
11.01.2019Dairy-freeWeWork, othersUnited States Laird SuperfoodUnited States
$ 32
Fund raising
11.01.2019IngredientsArcher Daniels MidlandUnited States Flotek IndustriesUnited States
Florida Chemical Company
11.01.2019WineBolney Wine EstateUnited KingdomPookchurchUnited Kingdom
10.01.2019EquipmentSEBFrance Wilbur CurtisUnited States
$ 90 sales
10.01.2019IngredientsAvrilFrance LecicoGermany
10.01.2019MeatBogs, La Piemontesa de Averaldo GiacosaArgentina BRFBrazil
$ 35.5
Campo Austral in Argentina
09.01.2019DairyCarrfieldsNew Zealand FonterraNew Zealand
Farm Source division
09.01.2019PackagingTricorBraunUnited States Pacific BagUnited States
08.01.2019CoffeeVenice Brands (private equity), othersUnited States KonaRedUnited States
$ 3.5
Funding raising
07.01.2019DairyVache BleueBelgium ArlaDenmark
Cheese factory in Germany
07.01.2019Meal kitsPiper (private equity), othersUnited KingdomMindful ChefUnited Kingdom
£ 6
Funding round
07.01.2019Meal kitsUnilever othersVariousGoustoUnited Kingdom
£ 18
Funding round
04.01.2019DairyEmmiSwitzerland Great Lakes Cheese CompanyUnited States
Facility in Wisconsin, US
04.01.2019DairyHochlandGermany Greek Family FarmGreece
25% stake
03.01.2019AgribusinessAxerealFrance CargillUnited States
Malt business
03.01.2019AlcoholContinental Investors (private equity), othersUnited States WinestyrUnited States
$ 3
Direct to consumer, funding round
03.01.2019EquipmentDuravantUnited States WulftecCanada
03.01.2019WineVSPTChile Pernod RicardFrance
Wine assets in Argentina
02.01.2019BakeryOrklaNorway EasyfoodDenmark
$ 50.8
90% stake
02.01.2019DairySALICSaudi ArabiaAlmaraiSaudi Arabia
$ 28
33% of United Farmers
02.01.2019MeatCherkizovoRussia Samson Food ProductsRussia
€ 4.4
75% stake
02.01.2019PackagingAR PackagingSweden IstragrafikaCroatia